Aerial Mapping

Surveying and mapping professionals are quickly turning to unmanned solutions to perform work better. The Albatross UAV helps you: 

  • Be more efficient and save time. Spend less time in the field collecting data.
  • Stay competitive. UAVs are becoming an industry standard. Customers are asking for UAV surveying – and smart companies are preparing to deliver. Providing UAS mapping services shows that a business is an industry leader at the forefront of technology.
  • Be safer. Easily complete projects in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access – such as challenging terrain, crumbling structures, high locations, and areas effected by natural disasters.
  • Survey operating worksites. You’ll no longer have to stop work and equipment to collect the data you need.
  • Expand your offering. By incorporating various payloads and technologies into your system, you can increase the number of services and deliverables you can provide for clients.