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Applied Aeronautics Delivers Fully Composite, Superior Grade, Highly Affordable UAV


Applied Aeronautics LLC, today announced the official release of the much-anticipated Albatross UAV platform. The Albatross will be the first in a line of products designed to democratize high performance UAV technology for businesses and individuals. By rolling out a solution that marries diverse use and hobby grade pricing, Applied Aeronautics have smashed barriers making these workhorse, utility UAV’s available to the masses. The Albatross UAV is available for purchase now through Kickstarter –

As the tidal wave of advances in technology and aeronautics continues to grow, the absence of a solution that is both capable and affordable has made it difficult for those without bulging wallets to capitalize. Applied Aeronautics have called upon their expertise and have pioneered the cutting edge Albatross UAV to provide an efficient, attainable solution able to adapt to the full range of applications in constant use by today’s businesses and airplane enthusiasts.

The launch of the Albatross UAV establishes Applied Aeronautics as the only provider in the market with the ability to deliver a fully composite airframe that combines the benefits of affordability and maximum performance.

First and foremost, the Albatross UAV was designed to be the most efficient of its kind. This means low stall speeds, high max efficiency, a large cruise window and payload capacity, self cooling fuselage, built in component bays, an entirely electric propulsion system, and a 10 foot wingspan. This equated to less energy expended and more time in the air.

The Albatross UAV integrates this efficient design with modern technology in a robust platform that boasts superior performance. It is nearly silent, can fly for over 2 hours, reach speeds of up to 90 MPH and travel for over 100 miles. It can cruise efficiently at 17-20 m/s (38-45 MPH) with a top speed approaching 40 m/s (9 MPH). 

Its transformative design also allows for dynamic use. It was built to adapt to its limitless applications no matter the climate or terrain. By configuring the airframe with one of Applieds kits or Ready to Fly models, the Albatross can takeoff, fly and land autonomously via predefined flight paths. It can survey property and take extremely high quality photos and video. It can complete long distance and duration surveys, inspect property and assets. By adding a thermal camera, it can assist fire fighters with dangerous tasks keeping them out of harms way. The possibilities are endless as the Albatross was designed to be as dynamic as its users. 

Most importantly, the Albatross UAV offers these professional capabilities without the professional price. Albatross airframes start at $650, DIY kits start at $1300, and Ready to Fly (RTF) models start at $2200. 

In conjunction with the launch of the Albatross UAV, Applied Aeronautics also announced the launch of its line of supporting products starting with the Dual Screen Daylight Readable Ground Station. 

The Dual Screen Ground Station is a daylight readable, rugged and self-contained computer. It allows the customer to control the Albatross and watch video in real time. This product has an Intel Dual Core 1.86 GHZ computer, 64 GB solid-state drive, 4GB of ram, wireless networking, 3 panel mounted USB ports and 2+ hours of battery life.

Applied also offers hand held tablet ground stations, flat mapping gimbals and high definition video links in this line of products. 

The Albatross UAV and supporting products are available for purchase on Kickstarter ( through April 13th. Additional information is available on Applied Aeronautics website