The Albatross UAV_Applied Aeronautics

Meet Albatross

The First Affordable, Commercial Drone


The Albatross is the first and only drone designed specially to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes a commercial UAV platform at an affordable price. The Albatross is an incredibly robust autonomous drone that can fly for up to 4 hours, boasts a 10KG MTOW and ships to your door for as little as $1850. To date the Albatross can be found in over 50 countries, performing a range of unique applications from marine life conservation and humanitarian aid to asset management, surveillance and precision agriculture. 


An Intuitive Turn Key UAV Platform

We designed the Albatross to be as both turn key and easy to use, ensuring we get you into the air as quickly as possible. The Albatross is entirely autonomous from takeoff through landing with the help of an onboard laser altimeter and is compatible with PX4 and Ardupilot software, giving you the freedom to plan missions, track progress and survey results direct from your tablet or computer.  


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The Albatross is a long range fixed wing UAV that offers fully autonomous single button operation from takeoff through landing. Watch this video for a demonstration. 


Why the Albatross? 


Fixed Wing UAV

The high aspect fixed wing UAV is simply the best choice for long range missions with large data collection requirements. This is in part because enhanced operational efficiency translates into longer flight times, greater range and more coverage per mission. Multi-rotors simply can't compete with that. 

Our fixed wing system is ideal for a range of applications including: 

  • Long Range ISR

  • Search and Rescue

  • Aerial Surveying

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Asset Management

  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Disaster Planning & Response


Robust Capabilities

The Albatross UAV offers robust capabilities in a sleek package. It can travel for over 100 miles reaching top speeds of 90 mph, carry up to 4.4 kg of additional payload and fly for up to 4 hrs on battery power alone without ever needing to land to recharge. The Albatross was also designed with features like an inverted v-tail to increase stability in banked turns and cross winds making it a great option for work in inclement weather. 


Modular & Open Source

Our experience has demonstrated that there’s simply no one size fits all UAV solution. So, we designed an open, highly customizable system that is able to adapt to our customers evolving needs. 

While we took the time to carefully select every component from servos to autopilots,  we also made sure that the Albatross could operate using endless avionics and sensors. This allows for upgrades and repairs as technology advances or your needs change. 

Taking it one step further, we developed a convertible tray mounted payload system that allows you to create multiple, changeable payloads that can be removed and added as needed so you can swap sensors out from day to day to capture a wide array of data from NDVI to high def video. 



We believe that UAVs will revolutionize modern business, but this can only happen if the technology is accessible. That's why we created a professional UAV solution without the professional price tag. The Albatross starts as low as $1,850, a fraction the cost of the closet competing UAV and pennies when compared to manned alternatives like a helicopter or manned aircraft.