Applied Aeronautics Announces Release of Upgraded High Definition Video Link


Applied Aeronautics, the US manufacturer of affordable workhorse UAVs, today released an upgraded model of Applied HD, their encrypted, low latency, HD video streaming device. Applied HD, which previously transmitted high definition video via it’s onboard transceiver has been upgraded to include 4G LTE transmission capabilities.

Applied HD is an all in one high definition video solution that allows for secure command and control as well as HD video and real-time telemetry data. Capable of streaming HD video with only 100-120 ms latency, this innovative solution now boasts nearly unlimited range without degradation due to its ability to transmit over almost any wireless carriers’ 4G system.

“This considerable improvement marks an important milestone for Applied Aeronautics as a company” said Meg Annand, Applied Aeronautics’ COO. “We smashed barriers with our initial HD offering, and are thrilled to announce enhanced capabilities while maintaining our commitment to affordability”.

Pricing and Availability

The Applied HD system is available now, with full functionality. The total package is available for a price of $825. All existing Applied HD systems are eligible for upgrade to this new system. Please contact Applied Aeronautics for additional deta65ils.

Applied Aeronautics is a US based UAV manufacturer, specializing in modular, commercial grade, affordable systems. Applied Aeronautics’ flagship product, The Albatross, is a dynamic UAV platform designed for use in most industries, ranging from agriculture and research to disaster management and defense. This entirely customizable UAV is nearly silent, can fly for 4+ hours, and boasts an available payload of up to 10 lbs. For more information on Applied Aeronautics, please visit