Insurance companies all over the world are beginning to try out unmanned aerial vehicles to speed up the damage claim process, especially in the case of natural disasters. In just a few years, when a disaster occurs, unmanned mobile units will be the first ones to arrive to the site to assess damage to property and goods, and the damage claim will be dealt with within hours or days, instead of weeks or months, as is the case at present. But this does not only apply to the occurrence of natural or great disasters, but also to day-to-day damage assessment carried out by insurance companies. Fires in buildings or industrial plants or damage caused by torrential rains in roofs and crop fields are just two examples in which drones can significantly speed up the process of damage assessment. 


Aerial asset inventory in a variety of sectors (e.g. agriculture), including the inventory of buildings, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure. The owner of the assets or the insurance company can appropriately test the insured assets. This inventory can be made just once or through biannual, annual or biennial visits to update the inventories of the previous period

Assistance in damage assessment through aerial inspection, thus facilitating a visual comparison between the initial photographic or video inventory and the post-accident inventory. This comparison speeds up and enrich the details of the damage assessment process, especially in large-scale damage of insured infrastructure