Emergency Management

Search and Rescue, Post Disaster Planning and Relief

Before, after and during a disaster, time and and safety are of the essence. That's why response teams that deploy UAVs like the Albatross have a decisive advantage over those that don't. The ability to get a comprehensive overview of the scene without putting first responders in harms way is critical because it doesn't just save time, it can save lives. 

The Albatross UAV offers you an affordable, long range option that flies faster, further and longer than competing UAVs. What this means is that you collect more of the valuable data that you need to mount and execute an appropriate response. 

The advantages our Albatross UAV offer over manned helicopters and planes are innumerable. Amongst them are: 

  • Rapid deployment - manned aircrafts require more logistical planning and time before they can be up in the air and to work. 
  • Resilient - the Albatross was designed to remain stable in strong winds and can be weatherproofed against rain upon request. It is also resilient when exposed to extreme heat or cold making it the ideal tool for forest fire detection and response. 
  • Long Flight Time - Never lose time landing to recharge your battery again. The Albatross can fly for up to 5hrs with our custom lithium ion batteries ensuring that you don't miss a thing. 
  • Reduced Risk to Human Life - By integrating the Albatross UAV into your response plans, it is no longer necessary for first responders or other support personnel to put themselves in harms way to assess damage. 
  • Modular Design  - The Albatross' modular design allows various payloads to be attached to the UAV at any given time. A search and rescue crew might attach a conventional video camera one day, a gas measurement device the next and a thermal image camera to identify people in the dark the next.