What is the plane's bare weight? Dry weight?

The bare weight of the airframe is approximately 3.35 KG (7.5lbs). The planes weight with all avionics but no batteries is 4.4kg (9.7lbs).

What is the max payload?

As stated above, the plane weighs 4.4kg with all avionics but no batteries. Our MTOW is rated to 10KG. So, your maximum payload will depend on your battery needs. If you’re looking for a shorter duration flight (1hr) you’ll need to equip your plane with 1 standard Lithium Polymer battery (8Ah of 6) which weighs 1.1kg. In this configuration your maximum available payload would be 4.5kg.

If you’re in need of increased flight time (> 2Hrs) we suggest upgrading to our custom Lithium Ion batteries. Again, the plane will still weigh 4.4kg with all avionics, but your battery weight will increase
If you wanted to upgrade to our custom Lithium Ion batteries you’re looking at a similar max payload (4.4 kg). Each of these batteries weighs about 1.2 kg and gets you anywhere from 90-120 minutes of flight time depending on your setup.
We of course recommend these batteries given their increased energy density (233 watt hours per kilogram vs 145 watt hours per kilogram), but either setup should suit your missions needs.

What are the takeoff and landing requirements?

The Albatross was designed to takeoff and land on a variety of surfaces. This includes runways, unpaved roads, grass and dirt. We suggest 200 ft for both takeoff and landing, however, we offer a catapult system for customers with limited space. Contact us for more details. 

Will my sensor fit inside the payload bay?

We designed our payload bay to have an enormous amount of space and slot all avionics under the center wing to keep the bay clear for sensors, gimbals, etc. Dimensions are as follows: 



Is the Albatross waterproof?

While the Albatross is not inherently waterproof rain can certainly be overcome and we've already worked with a handful of customers to tackle this challenge. In these instances, we've used waterproof sensors, sealed up all open areas with rubber lips and removed all external electrical components. Also, all antennas are covered and the power system is amended is needed. Please contact us for pricing. 

Is it possible to purchase a redundant autopilot system?

Yes. We have worked with customers to create a fully redundant system including 2 autopilots, dual airspeed, dual LIDAR, dual GPS, etc. Please contact us for details and pricing. 

What is the maximum range of your telemetry system?

We build our units to get approximately 40 KM of range (this is with the upgraded package - long range package). However, we can tailor the unit to get 2-3x this. This will all depend on the environment you're operating in, desired altitude, etc. Like we always say, of you le us know what you're looking to achieve, we'll let you know the  best way to do it.  

What is the planes cruise speed? Max speed? Stall speed?

Cruise speed is 40 MPH. Max speed is 90 MPH. Stall speed is 10 m/s.

How far can I fly?

 Each of our Lithium Ion batteries weighs 1.2KG and will get you 1-2 hrs of flight time. The plane holds up to 3 batteries and cruises at 70 KM / HR. With a max range of 4 hrs our system has a max range of 280 km.

What is the current drain at cruise speed fully loaded?

Current drain is 5-12 Amps depending on your prop and motor setup. Our default system is highly overpowered, but we can swap this out for a more efficient upon request. 

Do batteries get in the way of payload?

Absolutely not! The batteries were designed to slot under the center way leaving the payload bay free from obstruction. 

Where is the center of gravity?

85mm - 95mm from the root leading edge.

Are takeoff and landing fully autonomous?

Yes! We designed the Albatross with the intention of taking the you, the pilot, out of the process. This includes takeoff, flight and landing.

What is the minimum operational temperature? 

We have flown the Albatross at temperatures as low as -10 Celsius. While we don't have an exact figure, we haven't experienced performance problems in extreme heat or cold. 

What type of batteries are available?

Our RTF planes come standard with Lithium Polymer batteries (8Ah of 6S). Each weighs approximately 1.1KG and will get you between 1 and 2 hours of flight time. We stress the word "around" because of course these figures are dependent on things like your individualized set up, environment and power system (efficient, high power, etc). 
We also offer an upgrade to custom Lithium-Ion batteries that offer a much higher energy density (233-270 watt-hours per kilogram) than the standard Lithium Polymer batteries (145 watt-hours per kilogram of battery). The result being that for the same amount of weight, more capacity of battery power - measured in watt hours- is able to be stored and used. Please see approximate flight time for 3 separate configurations below. These estimates are on the very safe side. 
1 pack (14 Ah of 6S): 75+ minutes
2 packs (28 Ah of 6S): 150+ minutes
3 packs (42 Ah of 6S): 223+ minutes

What is the plane made of?

The plane is built entirely of honeycomb composite, carbon fiber and fiberglass. The wing spars, interior shelving and rear landing gears are made of solid carbon fiber. The front landing gear is made of steel. 

What is the landing gear comprised of?

The landing gear system is solid carbon fiber with in wing aluminum mounting plates. The front wheel is 3" while the back 2 wheels are 3.5". We are always happy to discuss increasing the wheel size to suit your mission requirements. Please inquire for pricing. 

What are the current FAA rules and regulations governing UAV's in the USA? 

https://www.faa.gov/uas/ provides up to date information on FAA rules, regulations and news

Do I have to register my Albatross for us in the USA?

Most likely. Visit https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/ for more information.


Do you ship to my country?

The Albatross UAV can be found in over 50 countries and on all 7 continents. We ship worldwide to all countries, except for those where not permitted by US law. Please contact us for more details.

Is an export license required for the Albatross UAV?

In most cases, yes. An export license is required to ship the Albatross UAV overseas. These licenses are filed by Applied Aeronautics at the time of purchase.

Is the Albatross UAV ITAR regulated?

No. The Albatross UAV is not ITAR regulated.

Which shipping methods are available to me?

We ship worldwide via FedEx, UPS and Air Freight. In certain instances, we will allow for alternate methods, but this is subject to approval. Please contact us for more details.