We Tried It All So You Don't Have To

Our Albatross packages take the leg work out of selecting the best possible components for your airframe. Every package we offer is made up of products we've built, designed or tested first hand.

APC Prop
Castle Creations ESC
Castle Creations BEC
Camera Drone
Circularly Polarized Antennas
Dragon Link
Hitec Servos
Pulsed Lite Lidar
RFD 900+
PX4 Pixhawk
Scorpion Motor
Telemetry Module

APC Props

We have used industry standard and leading APC props on all test aircrafts, and we think you should too. They are widely available and easily replaceable. We supply this prop with all RTF and Kit systems. 

  • Model: APC 14x12 E Prop

  • Features: Composite Construction

  • Center hole diameter: 1/4 “

  • Propeller diameter: 14”

  • Propeller pitch: 12

Castle Creations ESC

Albatross Kits and RTF Models come with a Castle Creations Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). More specifically, the Edge 100, with its 100 amperage continuous draw ability and logging ability.

  • Model: ESC Phoenix Edge 100

  • Telemetry Capable : Yes

  • ESC Current Rating : 100

  • Data Logging : Yes

  • Minimum Input Voltage : 2S

  • Maximum Input Voltage : 8S

Castle Creations BEC Pro

Our Albatross Kits and RTF models come with a battery eliminator circuit (BEC). We’ve chosen to provide the Castle Creations built BEC Pro, which can provide up to 20 Amps output to power necessary onboard systems.

  • Model: Bec Pro 20A 12S Switching Regulator

  • Max Voltage:10S (42V)

  • Max Input: 12S LiPo (50.4V)

  • Max Output Current: 20 amps peak

  • Adjustable Output Voltage: 4.8V-12.5V

  • Max Continuous Current (Input Voltage/Max Continuous Output Current): 16V/15A, 24V/13A, 32V/11A, 40V/9A, 48V / 8A

CCD Camera

A CCD analog camera is supplied with our Deluxe Kits and RTF Models. It has a minimum of 600 lines of resolution. Please contact us for pricing if you would like to upgrade your camera. 

  • 600TVL high picture quality

  • Nextchip 2040 DSP

  • D-WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

  • 2D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

  • Low illumination: 0.01Lux

  • 12g

Circularly Polarized Antennas

For First Person View (FPV) flying we offer circularly polarized antennas. They offer greater range and increased multi path interference rejection. Range is approximately 1 mile using the supplied omni directional antennas.


Dragon Link UHF RC TX/RX

Long Range RC control is done with a UHF system that replaces the standard 2.4Ghz system. Physical control is still done through the Taranis unit, but transmission is done at 433 Mhz for much better penetration through physical objects. With the dragon link system, range is also substantially increased to ~20+ miles with standard antennas. Not included in standard set up. Available as an add on. 

  • Model: Dragon Link V3

  • Full Bidirectional Telemetry

  • Built in bluetooth

  • Lost plane finder - locate where your plane went down using GPS location

  • Easy, noticeable multicolor LED for instant status monitoring

  • Spectrum analyzer

Hitec Servos

We’ve selected, tried and tested HitecRC servos as our servo of choice for all kits and RTF Albatross systems. Hitec is among the most reliable servo manufacturers around today.

  • Models Used: HS-5065MG, HS-5085MG, HS-5245MG


Pulsed Lite Lidar

The Pulsed Light Lidar Lite unit is a laser range finder designed specifically for UAV applications. It aids greatly in terrain following and autonomous landings as accuracy is increased to less than 1 inch.


RFDesign 900+

The RFDesign 900 Plus allows you to communication with your deice, alter autonomous flight paths, initial landings, etc. All is done in real time from your ground station. This unit gives an approximate range of ~25+ miles. This is top quality and interchangeable with standard range alternatives. RFD900x Encrypted Radios available upon request. 

  • Model: RFD900+ Telemetry Radios

  • Long range >40km depending on antennas and GCS setup

  • Frequency Range: 902 – 928 MHz (USA) / 915 – 928 MHz (Australia)

  • 2 x RP-SMA RF connectors, diversity switched

  • Transmit low pass filter.

  • > 20dB Low noise amplifier.

  • RX SAW filter.

  • Passive front end band pass filter.

PX4 Autopilot

We exclusively use, offer and recommend the PX4 Pixhawk as our flight controller/autopilot. This is the brain of the aircraft for computer controlled flight and autonomous operation. This system is on the cutting edge of autonomous flight control & stabilization.


Scorpion Motor

We tested countless options and think that Scorpion is the best in the business. Their motors offer unbelievable power and reliability. Our Albatross kits & RTF models come with a scorpion 4020 series 400-600kv motor


Telemetry Module

Our telemetry unit allows you to communicate with your Albatross, alter autonomous flight paths, initiate landings, etc. All is done in real time from your ground station. This unit gives an approximate range of ~1 mile. It is interchangeable with long-range alternatives.