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Aloft with Applied Aeronautics' Albatross Drone, Interview with Ryan Johnston, Founder

The advantages of fixed-wing drones over quadcopters are many and varied. For starters, fixed-wing platforms are more operationally efficient than quadcopters. This translates into longer flight times, extended range and consequently more ground covered per mission.

PX4 Albatross UAV Auto Takeoff and Lidar Supported Landing

This is the result of several weeks development and testing by the core PX4 dev team. After numerous tests with the Bormatec Maja we switched to our target aircraft, the 3 meter wing span Albatross UAV from Applied Aeronautics.

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross Showcased at Boeing and Queensland Government Summit

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross, equipped with technology from leading Queensland firms, was on display last week at the signing of a partnership between The Boeing Company and the Government of Queensland.

Applied Aeronautics Doubles Production Capacity

Applied Aeronautics today announced that it has successfully doubled its production capacity in less than two years. The California based company designs and manufactures affordable, long range UAVs for the professional market.



Swiss Fang UAV Search And Rescue 

We are just settling down after an intense week of building and testing. 10 days ago we received our airframe of choice for the competition: the Applied Aeronautics Albatross. The intermediate goal was to bring PX4 fixed-wing support one step further by improving support for completely automatic missions from takeoff...

Moses Enters Fight Against Zika Virus

In his work with the United Nations, Nathan Moses, M3 Consulting Group, presented his drone related research Monday to an international group focused on developing management and potential eradication programs to combat the recent outbreak of Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases in Latin America and across the world.