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Albatross Flies BVLOS with Kansas DOT & Iris Automation

The Kansas Department of Transportation recently received permission to conduct the first ever Beyond VIsual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operation in the USA leveraging only onboard detect and avoid systems. 

This is the first-ever FAA authorized operation to fly without a requirement for visual observers or ground-based radar and is the result of the 31-member Kansas Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program (IPP) team efforts to advance drone technologies.The Kansas flight tests will use the 22-lb. (10 kg) maximum takeoff weight Albatross fixed-wing drone supplied by Applied Aeronautics of Austin, Texas.

Applied Aeronautics Named Leading UAV Manufacturerer Alongside Lockheed Martin, Textron and DJI

The Global Small UAV Market Growth 2019-2024 study - released this week - includes Applied Aeronautics among the list of leading UAV manufacturers. Additional key findings include:

Credit: TMT

Credit: TMT

Halting Illegal Fishing in the Seychelles

Expectations are rising as the FishGuard Initiative is launching its pilot project in the Seychelles. The launch involves testing out a new approach to reduce illegal fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Seychelles. Many coastal and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are experiencing an increasing level of illegal fishing, a problem currently having an impact on the fisheries resources and economy of the local communities on the Seychelles. Read more….

Photo Credit: Iris Automation (featuring Albatross UAV)

Photo Credit: Iris Automation (featuring Albatross UAV)

A computer-vision collision avoidance solution developed for drones may one day make every aircraft a little safer.

It took months of testing before the crew at Iris Automation realized what the system they created is really capable of. Now, with about 7,000 real-world close encounters purposely flown, along with more than 40,000 encounters simulated by an increasingly sophisticated computer model, “we’re pretty sure at this point we’re better than human vision,” said Iris Automation CEO Alexander Harmsen.

Photo Credit: SkyQraft

Photo Credit: SkyQraft

SkyQraft Sweden to Fly BVLOS with Albatross

We're thrilled to report that SkyQraft received the first license for BVLOS operations in Sweden today (May 22, 2019), utilizing the Albatross UAV platform. This is a testament to the teams hard work and dedication to safe, reliable and affordable commercial operations.

Applied Aeronautics Drone Complies with New Transport Canada Requirements For Advanced Operations

Applied Aeronautics, the affordable commercial drone manufacturer, today announced their Albatross UAV complies with the latest Transport Canada regulations for advanced drone operations in controlled airspace, as well as operations near people and operations over people. 

ATESS Leading The Way For Unmanned Aerial Systems

A squadron not normally known for flighthas taken liftoff. Members of 8 Wing Tren- ton’s Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron (ATESS) recently celebrated the success of their unmanned aerial system (UAS). While on the outside it looks like a commercial drone, it’s much more sophisticated than that explains UAS team member Mas- ter Corporal (MCpl.)


Progress of Unmanned Aerial Systems Program at UTEP is Soaring

Test Site Bravo in Tornillo, Texas, on the eastern fringe of El Paso County, will serve as the flight test range for cSETR’s burgeoning UAS program. The new test site will see a runway and completion of other test and evaluation infrastructure development within the next two years. The center already has grown its UAS fleet to 11 state-of-the-art aircraft and expanded laboratory facilities to support UAS research and development. UTEP’s growth in east El Paso County represents the realization of efforts to turn the region into a vital component to meet the workforce needs of a rapidly-growing segment of the aerospace industry.

Cooperative Drone Project Sends Meteorology Researchers Sky High

Oklahoma State University researcher Dr. Jamey Jacob has dreamed for over 30 years of marrying technology to meteorology for more accurate weather forecasts.

“I can remember as an undergrad at Oklahoma that we were always looking for ways to get sensors into weather systems to more accurately get the data to forecast,” Jacob said. “My dream is that in two years we can hand over a drone to a meteorologist and they can operate it and get the data they need to be even more accurate.”

LETU engineering students building, testing advanced drone

“We’re just trying to get the autopilots in there. We just want them to fly automatically. And they will take pictures and we have a program that will stitch all the pictures together and they’ll be GPS tagged,” Wooten said.

After students make their mistakes which could lead to a crash, they graduate to the Albatross, the same drone used by:

“Fifty-five countries around the world, and government agencies far and wide,” Schubarth stated.


New Capabilities unveiled at Futurescape 2018

FutureScape 2018 lived up to its title as Survey Drone unveiled the latest aircraft in their fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross, imported from Texas USA, is one of the largest fixed wing survey platforms in the UK and will enable the company to undertake ever larger surveys on sites in the UK and overseas. With a wingspan of 3m, the Albatross certainly made an impression at Futurescape, hovering above our Quest UAV Datahawk and DJI multi-rotor aircraft.

Applied Aeronautics Announces Continued Momentum Led by Rapid Top-Line Growth

Applied Aeronautics, the affordable commercial drone provider, today announced tremendous company growth led by booming year-over-year top-line performance. Further, in 2018, Applied Aeronautics doubled its customer based, expanded its suite of proprietary technology, increased its employee count, and grew its facilities in Austin, Texas. 

Aloft with Applied Aeronautics' Albatross Drone, Interview with Ryan Johnston, Founder

The advantages of fixed-wing drones over quadcopters are many and varied. For starters, fixed-wing platforms are more operationally efficient than quadcopters. This translates into longer flight times, extended range and consequently more ground covered per mission.

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross Showcased at Boeing and Queensland Government Summit

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross, equipped with technology from leading Queensland firms, was on display last week at the signing of a partnership between The Boeing Company and the Government of Queensland.

A TLAN Space uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Illegal Fisheries with the Help of Albatross UAV  Badr Idriss of ATLAN Space is one of three winners of the National Geographic Marine Protection Prize winners. Badr’s project, the FishGuard pilot, aims to identify and reduce illegal fisheries in the Republic of Seychelles through drone technology and expert analysis. Photo credit: Sebastian Voortman-CC0-license | The Drone is Albatross manufactured by Applied Aeronautics

ATLAN Space uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Illegal Fisheries with the Help of Albatross UAV

Badr Idriss of ATLAN Space is one of three winners of the National Geographic Marine Protection Prize winners. Badr’s project, the FishGuard pilot, aims to identify and reduce illegal fisheries in the Republic of Seychelles through drone technology and expert analysis. Photo credit: Sebastian Voortman-CC0-license | The Drone is Albatross manufactured by Applied Aeronautics

Applied Aeronautics Doubles Production Capacity

Applied Aeronautics today announced that it has successfully doubled its production capacity in less than two years. The California based company designs and manufactures affordable, long range UAVs for the professional market.


PX4 Albatross UAV Auto Takeoff and Lidar Supported Landing

This is the result of several weeks development and testing by the core PX4 dev team. After numerous tests with the Bormatec Maja we switched to our target aircraft, the 3 meter wing span Albatross UAV from Applied Aeronautics.

Swiss Fang UAV Search And Rescue 

We are just settling down after an intense week of building and testing. 10 days ago we received our airframe of choice for the competition: the Applied Aeronautics Albatross. The intermediate goal was to bring PX4 fixed-wing support one step further by improving support for completely automatic missions from takeoff...

Moses Enters Fight Against Zika Virus

In his work with the United Nations, Nathan Moses, M3 Consulting Group, presented his drone related research Monday to an international group focused on developing management and potential eradication programs to combat the recent outbreak of Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases in Latin America and across the world.

Crowdfunded Albatross Could Bring Quality Drones To The Masses

Applied Aeronautics sees its new Albatross drone as one perched between two extremes in unmanned aircraft: the low cost and high breakability of traditional hobbyist drones on one end, and the high cost of durable, professional drones on the other. With a crowdfunding project well under way, Applied Aeronautics hopes that its drone can swoop into the sweet spot in the middle, creating a useful tool that people can actually buy and use.